Quarterly briefing call for ICMA members
Date: Monday, 14 January 2013
Time: 12.00 London time/13.00 CET


ICMA members were invited to join us for our quarterly briefing call to discuss aspects of ICMA’s work programme which featured in our latest Quarterly Report issued on 9 January.

The call was introduced by Martin Scheck, ICMA’s Chief Executive and the briefing was provided by ICMA’s market practice and regulatory policy team on the following topics:
  • Financing growth in Europe: Paul Richards
  • On-going G20/European financial regulatory reforms: David Hiscock
  • Prospectus Directive review and PRIPs: Ruari Ewing
  • Argentina bondholder row: Leland Goss
  • MiFID II and CSD Regulation: John Serocold
  • Private Wealth Management Charter of Quality: Annika Wahlberg
  • Collateral crunch: Serena Vecchiato

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