NAFMII National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors

On September 3, 2007, NAFMII was established. It is a self-regulatory non-profit association of institutional investors in the inter-bank market in China with delegated power from and under the supervision of the PBOC. NAFMII’s members cover market participants, intermediary agents, professionals, experts and academia in the inter-bank bond market, interbank bills market, inter-bank lending market, inter-bank gold market, inter-bank foreign exchange market and inter-bank derivatives market.

Since its establishment, NAFMII has been playing a significant role in bridging over the gap between the market participants and government authorities. NAFMII is dedicated to promote market innovations, provide services to the members and protect their legitimate rights, maintain fair competition in the inter-bank market and promote healthy development of the market. NAFMII supervises its members in implementing relevant laws, regulations, rules as well as codes and standards formulated by NAFMII, regulates and monitors their business practice so as to maintain market order.

NAFMII Newsletters

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