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The “CESAME Group” (the European Commission’s Clearing and Settlement Advisory and Monitoring Expert Group) was set up in July 2004 with the aim of advising and assisting the Commission in the integration of EU securities clearing and settlement systems.

When in June 2008, the mandate of the CESAME Group expired, the “CESAME 2” Group was set up to carry the momentum built by CESAME in order to achieve the goal of a barrier-free Single European Market for clearing and settlement of securities transactions.

ICMA contributions:

12 June 2007
Joint associations' letter to ECOFIN

12 February 2007
TRAX2 Presentation at CESAME Meeting

12 June 2006
EPDA & ICMA/ERC* Presentation on Barriers 4 and 7 at CESAME Meeting

23 October 2006
ECSDA & EPDA & ICMA/ERC Presentation at CESAME Meeting on the Harmonisation of Opening Days and Hours in Europe

*On 4 December 2015, the name of the European Repo Council (ERC) was changed to the European Repo and Collateral Council (ERCC).