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29 October 2013
In response to widespread concerns that the cumulative impact of current and proposed regulatory reform threatens to undermine core aspects of the economic functions of trading in the European repo and fixed income markets, ICMA has produced a paper entitled Avoiding Counterproductive Regulation in Capital Markets.  ICMA sees this paper as a first step in a process of open-ended engagement with policy makers, to whom it has been sent, and looks forward to the opportunity of engaging in subsequent discussions about the best ways in which the concerns expressed in it can most effectively be addressed.

31 July 2013
ICMA response to selected questions in the European Commission's consultation on the ESFS

11 July 2013
ICMA response submission to the European Commission's consultation on reforming the structure of the EU banking sector

19 June 2013
ICMA FIIF response to EBA on Draft Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on Asset Encumbrance Reporting

19 December 2011     
AFME, ICMA and ISDA paper: The Impact of Derivative Collateral Policies of European Sovereigns and Resulting Basel III Capital Issues
See also: related press release.

12 September 2011
ICMA response to HMT consultation cm8083: “A new approach to financial regulation: the blueprint for reform"

15 August 2011
ICMA response submission (on senior debt “bail-in” aspects) to the Financial Stability Board Consultation Paper – “Effective Resolution of Systemically Important Financial Institutions”

1 July 2011
ICMA response to results of European contract law feasibility study

14 April 2011
ICMA response to HMT consultation cm8012: “A new approach to financial regulation: building a stronger system"

31 March 2011
ICMA response submission to the European Securities and Markets Authority Consultation Paper – ESMA Guidelines on the application of the endorsement regime under Article 4 (3) of the Credit Rating Regulation 1060/2009

3 March 2011
ICMA response submission (on senior debt “bail-in” aspects) to the European Commission Consultation Paper – Technical details of a possible European crisis management framework

30 November 2009
Response by AFME and ICMA to CESR’s Consultation on Guidance on Registration Process, Functioning of Colleges, Mediation Protocol, Information set out in Annex II, Information set for the application of Certification and for the assessment of CRAs’ systematic importance

28 August 2009
ICMA response to European Commission consultation on possible initiatives to enhance the resilience of OTC derivatives markets

26 June 2009
ICMA’s response to the UK FSA's discussion paper DP09/2 on a regulatory response to the global banking crisis

15 June 2009
ICSA response to IOSCO consultation document on Unregulated Financial Markets and Products

19 February 2009
Final response to CESR’s 19 December 2008 Consultation Paper on transparency of corporate bond, structured finance product and credit derivatives markets, submitted jointly by ICMA, ISDA, SIFMA, LIBA, EHYA, ESF and BBA