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Fair and Effective Markets Review
On 14 January 2015, ICMA reponded to the Secretariat of the UK’s Fair and Effective Markets Review Consultation Document.

ICMA supports the overall objectives of the Fair and Effective Markets Review, and is keen to help where it can. ICMA’s response to the Fair and Effective Market Review Consultation Document focuses on specific questions relating to fixed income. In preparing its response to the Consultation Document, ICMA has consulted the ICMA Board and the following committees of member experts: the ICMA Primary Market Practices Committee, the ICMA Legal & Documentation Committee, the ICMA Corporate Issuer Forum, the ICMA Financial Institutions Issuer Forum, the ICMA Secondary Market Practices Committee, the ICMA Asset Management and Investor Council (AMIC) Executive Committee and the ICMA Regulatory Policy Committee. Collectively, these groups of experts cover the full span of the debt capital markets, from issuers, through intermediaries, to investors.

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