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2018 ICMA ERCC elections
The ICMA ERCC Committee is elected annually by the member firms of the ICMA ERCC. The election is done through electronic voting.

The following 24 candidates have been nominated to stand in the 2018 ERCC elections. These will compete to fill the 19 seats on the new ERCC Committee.

In accordance with paragraph 1011.4 of ICMA’s rules and recommendations, each member firm of the ERCC shall have one vote in the election. Ahead of the opening of the vote (see timeline below), the Named Repo Contact of each ERCC member firm will be sent a ballot paper and instructions on how to vote in the 2018 ICMA ERCC elections.

Election timeline:
  • Thu 11 January, 6 pm (London time): Deadline for ERCC member firms to nominate one candidate for the 2018 elections
  • Fri 12 January: A list of all nominated candidates standing in the elections is circulated to ERCC members and published on the ICMA website
  • Fri 26 January: The electronic voting opens. From this date, ERCC member firms will have two weeks to send their completed ballot paper by email to the ERCC Secretariat.
  • Fri 9 February, 1 pm (London time): The voting closes. Only valid ballots received by the deadline will be taken into account.
  • Once the voting period has closed, the ERCC Secretariat will count the votes and announce the results to ERCC members. The results will also be published on the ICMA website. In the event of a tie, the ERCC Secretariat will run a second email ballot – in that case ERCC members will have one additional week to email a second ballot to the ERCC Secretariat.
For any further information on the election please contact us at ercc@icmagroup.org.

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