Breakfast Briefing: Andrew Hauser - "The Bank of England's Balance Sheet"

Date and Venue

Date: 17 July 2019

Event Overview

AFME, ICMA and ISDA members were invited to a breakfast briefing with Andrew Hauser who will provide a keynote presentation on "The Bank of England's Balance Sheet".

Andrew Hauser is Executive Director for Markets at the Bank of England. He is responsible for:
  • managing the Bank's balance sheet, including all aspects of the design and execution of its operations in financial markets;
  • managing the UK's official foreign exchange reserves on behalf of HM Treasury;
  • providing market intelligence and analysis for the Bank's policy committees.
Mr. Hauser joined the Bank of England in 1992, and has held senior roles across most of the Bank's major functions. As Executive Director for Banking, Payments and Financial Resilience, he oversaw the Bank's financial risk framework; the operation and strategic development of its payment systems and our wholesale and retail banking operations and he was an executive sponsor for the Bank's work on FinTech.

Please find his full biography here.