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Quarterly briefing call for ICMA members Q1 2019
Date: 18 January 2019

ICMA members joined us for our quarterly briefing call to discuss aspects of ICMA’s work programme which feature in our latest Quarterly Report, for the First Quarter of 2019, dated 10 January 2019.

The call was introduced by Martin Scheck and the briefing was provided by ICMA’s market practice and regulatory policy team on the following topics:
  • Preparations for Brexit in international capital markets: Paul Richards
  • The transition to risk-free rates in the euro area: David Hiscock
  • The impact of the EU BMR on the use of third country benchmarks: Patrik Karlsson
  • European Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance: Nicholas Pfaff
  • Prospectus Regulation: Charlotte Bellamy
  • MiFID II/R: the first year in the primary markets: Ruari Ewing
  • MiFID II/R: the first year in the secondary markets: Andy Hill
  • MiFID II: second AMIC FICC research unbundling survey: Bogdan Pop
  • SFTR implementation: Alex Westphal
  • FinTech and international capital markets: Gabriel Callsen

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