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Registration | ICMA Switzerland & Liechtenstein Ski Weekend 2018

Register on-line for the ICMA Switzerland & Liechtenstein Ski Weekend 2018 to be held in Arosa ski resort, Switzerland on 19-21 January 2018

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Terms and Conditions

I understand that my reservation for this event shall be accepted and confirmed if ICMA sends me a respective confirmation in writing within 3 business days from receipt of my registration. I also understand that if ICMA does not send me such confirmation within the specified period my reservation could not be considered.

I agree that ICMA shall have the right to cancel events at its own discretion for any reason (including e.g. if a sufficient minimum number of participants is not reached before the start date of the relevant event). In the event of such cancellation, I agree that ICMA shall not be liable for any expenses incurred by me, my employer, or anyone else on my behalf, due to the cancellation.

In case I want to cancel my reservation for this event I shall notify ICMA (attention Events team) in writing without delay.

I understand that substitutions can be made subject to the condition that ICMA (attention Events team) is notified accordingly in writing and provided with the details of the substitute (see 1. above) not later than 48 hours before the relevant event commences.

I agree that ICMA and its affiliate entities collect, store and process the personal data that I submit in connection with this reservation for the purpose of administrating this event.

I agree that ICMA and its affiliate entities may retain the information supplied on this form on a database and use it for the purpose of course and event administration, and, UNLESS I have ticked the relevant boxes above, to compile a delegate list (including my name and that of my employer) to be distributed at the event in hard copy or to other registered delegates in electronic form as well as for the purposes of advertising future courses and events and promoting ICMA.


Attendance at this event is free of charge to ICMA members only. All non-members will be charged a registration fee of CHF 500 + 8% VAT. Payable by credit card or on receipt of invoice.

Delegates are responsible for arranging and paying for their own travel, accommodation and ski passes.

Please ensure that you have completed your registration, paid any registration fees and booked your travel and accommodation well in advance to enable you to attend this event. Delegates must book their own accommodation directly with the hotels and are responsible for their own travel costs and arrangements. Please quote “ICMA” when booking as some of the hotels have reserved a limited amount of rooms for us for a short time period and you may be able to enjoy a reduced room rate.

ICMA gives details of the hotels on the resort on the event webpage but cannot guarantee availability and prices. We strongly suggest that you reserve your accommodation as soon as possible is this resort is highly popular.

We will contact you within the next 48 hours to confirm your place at this event.

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