Quarterly briefing call for ICMA members Q1 2020

Date: 20 January 2020
12.00 London time/13.00 CET

ICMA members are invited to join us for our quarterly briefing call to discuss aspects of ICMA’s work programme which feature in our latest Quarterly Report, for the First Quarter of 2020, dated 10 January.

The call will take place at 12.00 London time/13.00 CET on Monday, 20 January and will last for around one hour.

The call will be introduced by Martin Scheck and the briefing will be provided by ICMA’s market practice and regulatory policy team on the following topics:
  • Transition from LIBOR to RFRs: legacy bonds: Paul Richards and Katie Kelly
  • Prospectus Regulation in the EU and Switzerland: Charlotte Bellamy and Ruari Ewing
  • EU CSDR impact study: Andy Hill
  • A consolidated tape for EU bond markets: Liz Callaghan
  • SFTR implementation and ESMA guidance: Alex Westphal
  • Sustainability: EU Taxonomy Regulation: Nicholas Pfaff
  • Fund liquidity: Arthur Carabia
Register for the conference call. Please note that you will not be able to join the call if you do not register. You will need your ICMA user name and password to access this page. If you do not have this, please contact the ICMA Membership department or your firm's Principal Delegate.

Once registered you will receive your conference number and user PIN for the call.