ICMA Executive Education offers candidates the opportunity to achieve a recognised financial markets diploma by completing training in a defined pathway.

Relevant to all financial market practitioners, an ICMA Executive Education Diploma acknowledges a candidate's commitment to a period of self-development, which equips them with up-to-date and practical knowledge to advance their skill set and career. Candidates will also benefit from being able to network with their industry peers.

The two diplomas focus on either Securities and Derivatives or Financial Market Operations.

A diploma is awarded once a candidate successfully completes the required Introductory and/or Intermediate qualification in addition to two ICMA training programmes.*

Once a candidate successfully completes their chosen ICMA Diploma, they will receive a 10% discount for life on any additional training undertaken with ICMA Executive Education. This is in addition to any other discount that may be applicable such as those associated with ICMA membership and participation in the ICMA Scholarship programme.

The table below indicates the pathway required for your chosen diploma:

Diploma in Securities and Derivatives Diploma in Financial Market Operations
Foundation Qualifications - 3 days including exam (choose one option)
Financial Markets Foundation Qualification (FMFQ)
Introduction to Fixed Income Qualification (IFIQ)
Introduction to Primary Markets Qualification (IPMQ)
Securities Operations Foundation Qualification (SOFQ)
Advanced Qualifications - 5 days including exam (choose one option)
ICMA Fixed Income Certificate (FIC)
(Formerly known as the (IFID)


Primary Market Certificate (PMC)
Operations Certificate Programme (OCP)
Specialist Programmes - 1-2 days (choose 2 options)
An Introduction to Securitisation
Commodities - An Introduction
Commodities - Trading and Investment Strategies
Corporate Governance and Culture
Credit Default Swaps (CDS) - Pricing, Applications & Features
Derivative Credit RiskĀ - Analysis and Management
Fixed Income Portfolio Management
Portfolio Construction
ICMA Guide to Best Practice in the European Repo Market
Inflation-linked Bonds and Structures
Islamic Finance & Sukuk
Measuring and Mitigating Counterparty Risk
Trading and Hedging Short-Term Interest Rate Risk
Trading the Yield Curve with Interest Rate Derivatives
Collateral Management
Corporate Actions - An Introduction
Corporate Actions - Operational Challenges
Credit Default Swaps (CDS) - Operations
Securities Lending & Borrowing - Operational Challenges
Compliance in Fixed Income
OTC Derivatives Operations: Products, Collateral, EMIR

*Candidates who complete an advanced qualification and two training programmes are not required to complete an foundation qualification. Candidates may choose to substitute a training programme from the alternative pathway to complete their diploma.

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