ICMA Executive Education offers a unique scholarship programme to ICMA member firms, allowing their employees to participate in our range of leading financial market qualifications at a highly reduced cost. Aimed at candidates under the age of 25, this programme will equip the capital markets future leaders with the required knowledge and qualifications needed to meet their potential.

ICMA Executive Education Scholarship Programme Q&A

Q: What is it?
A: The ICMA EE Scholarship is a unique and valuable subsidy designed to lower the cost of attending ICMA EE open courses. The Scholarship Programme combines monetary value with educational benefit and the results may be career enhancing.
Q: Why are you doing it?
A: ICMA Executive Education courses set the benchmark for high quality fixed income financial training. We are committed to making ICMA EE public courses more accessible to a younger audience of future leaders. High quality financial training and executive education is highly valued by many firms and in these challenging economic times we want to do everything possible to assist our members in developing their employees’ skills.
Q: How does it work?
A: ICMA Executive Education Scholarship candidates receive a 50% discount applied to the ICMA member rate. Please contact before registering to make sure you qualify.
Q: Who is eligible?
A: When you register for an ICMA EE public course, you must be an employee of an ICMA member firm and be aged 25 years or younger.
Q: Does it apply to all ICMA member firms?
A: Yes it applies to all ICMA member firms.
Q: Does it apply to all ICMA EE courses?

A: It applies to all ICMA EE public courses. It does not apply to bespoke courses or in-house training.
Q: Can I apply as many times as I want?
A: ICMA EE public courses are well attended and can be over-subscribed, so the number of ICMA EE Scholarship delegates for each public course will be limited.
Q: Will you also apply further multi delegate discounts?
A: We feel that the ICMA EE Scholarship programme is already heavily discounted, so further discounts will not be applied.

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