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This section of the web site contains press releases issued by ICMA. These documents are available as downloadable PDF files.

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18 December 2018
ICMA publishes primary markets technology mapping directory
Download the directory.

17 December 2018
Post-crisis regulation requires further evaluation as it could be detrimental for repo and securities lending markets finds GFMA and ICMA market assessment
Download the report.

6 December 2018
New report from ICMA shows European bond markets still waiting to experience the benefits of MiFID II implementation
Download the report.

5 December 2018
Adopting International Practices of Bond Trustee Arrangements in China
An ICMA and NAFMII publication
Download the publication.

17 October 2018
European repo market continues to grow with latest ICMA survey indicating baseline market size at record EUR 7,351 billion
Download the 35th ICMA ERCC European Repo Market Survey.

30 August 2018
ICMA publishes report on the Asia-Pacific cross-border corporate bond secondary market
Download the report.

26 June 2018
ICMA publishes new report on the CSD regulation: ‘How to survive in a mandatory buy-in world’
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25 June 2018
ISDA, AFME, ICMA, SIFMA and SIFMA AMG Publish Global Benchmark Report
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14 June 2018
ICMA and HKMA co-host the 2018 Green and Social Bond Principles Annual General Meeting and Conference in Hong Kong

14 June 2018
Green Bond Principles and Social Bond Principles 2018 editions now released along with best practice guidelines for external reviewers, a mapping to the Sustainable Development Goals and a framework for social bonds impact reporting

31 May 2018
ICMA members elect new board at Madrid meeting and new ICMA Board Chair appointed

24 May 2018
ICMA welcomes European Commission’s proposals for implementing its Action Plan on Sustainable Finance

11 April 2018
ICMA publishes 2018 legal opinions on global master repo agreement

10 April 2018
ISDA, EBF, ICMA and ISLA Publish Whitepaper on Benefits of Post-Trade Risk Reduction Services
Download the white paper

14 March 2018
Latest ICMA survey sets baseline size of the European repo market at record EUR 7,250 billion
Download the 34th ICMA ERCC European Repo Market Survey.

8 March 2018
Press release on the Action Plan on sustainable finance of the European Commission

15 February 2018
ICMA publishes study into the European single name credit default swap market
Download the study

12 February 2018
QFMA and ICMA sign agreement to co-operate on capital market development

1 February 2018
ISDA, AFME, ICMA, SIFMA and SIFMA AMG Launch Benchmark Transition Roadmap
Download the roadmap

16 January 2018
HKMA and ICMA to co-host the Green and Social Bond Principles Annual General Meeting and Conference in Hong Kong in June
Download the Chinese version

15 January 2018
ICMA publishes report on state of the European repo market at year-end 2017
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7 December 2017
Joint-industry group publishes directory of global and regional green finance policy initiatives
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2 November 2017
Rapid growth of the green and social bond markets in Asia attracts market attention

19 October 2017
Panda bonds - the foreign issuer perspective
New report from ICMA and NAFMII outlines progress made in making China’s domestic bond markets accessible to international issuers

Download the English version
Download the Chinese version

17 October 2017
Latest ICMA survey sets baseline size of the European repo market at EUR 6,455 billion - Suggests recovery in market volumes since December 2016
Download the 33rd ICMA ERCC European Repo Market Survey

26 September 2017
Results of the pilot survey of repo markets in Asia-Pacific are published
Download the pilot survey of the Asia-Pacific repo market

14 September 2017
Green Bond Principles publishes translations of its international guidelines

19 July 2017
EFAMA AND AMIC publish joint report on the use of leverage in investment funds in Europe

22 June 2017
ICMA publishes study into the state and evolution of the European credit repo market

14 June 2017
Green Bond Principles evolve to encourage new categories of issuers and embrace Social & Sustainability Bond market participants

04 May 2017
ICMA members elect new chairman and new board members

02 May 2017

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