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7 December 2017
Joint-industry group publishes directory of global and regional green finance policy initiatives
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2 November 2017
Rapid growth of the green and social bond markets in Asia attracts market attention

19 October 2017
Panda bonds - the foreign issuer perspective
New report from ICMA and NAFMII outlines progress made in making China’s domestic bond markets accessible to international issuers

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17 October 2017
Latest ICMA survey sets baseline size of the European repo market at EUR 6,455 billion - Suggests recovery in market volumes since December 2016
Download the 33rd ICMA ERCC European Repo Market Survey

26 September 2017
Results of the pilot survey of repo markets in Asia-Pacific are published
Download the pilot survey of the Asia-Pacific repo market

14 September 2017
Green Bond Principles publishes translations of its international guidelines

19 July 2017
EFAMA AND AMIC publish joint report on the use of leverage in investment funds in Europe

22 June 2017
ICMA publishes study into the state and evolution of the European credit repo market

14 June 2017
Green Bond Principles evolve to encourage new categories of issuers and embrace Social & Sustainability Bond market participants

04 May 2017
ICMA members elect new chairman and new board members

02 May 2017
02 November 2016
Launch of Green Bond Principles Resource Centre providing transparency in a standardised and simplified form for the Green Bond market

25 October 2016
Updated guide to best practice for EU corporate debt private placement market launched in Brussels
To view the guide, click here.

29 September 2016
Latest ICMA survey sets baseline size of the European repo market at EUR 5,379 billion
To view the 31st ICMA European Repo and Collateral Council European repo market survey, click here.

31 August 2016
ASIFMA and ICMA release guide to infrastructure financing in Asia
To view the guide, click here.

6 July 2016
Liquidity in the secondary European corporate bond market.
ICMA publishes second study on state and future evolution of the European corporate bond market

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16 June 2016
2016 update of the Green Bond Principles creates online resource for voluntary issuer information on Green Bond alignment and introduces guidance for issuers of Social Bonds

20 April 2016
ICMA report shows innovative technologies and new market entrants shaping the electronic bond trading landscape in Europe
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18 April 2016
New fund liquidity report from EFAMA and ICMA outlines tools available to manage liquidity risk
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To view an executive summary, click here.

13 April 2016
Five Industry Associations Publish SFTR Information Statement
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3 March 2016
Buy and sellside join forces in support of STS securitisation

11 February 2016
Overall repo market outstandings in Europe remain stable despite decline in repo books of G-SIFIs says ICMA Survey
To view the 30th ICMA European Repo and Collateral Council European repo market survey, click here.
18 November 2015
Post crisis regulation is driving radical change in the European repo market says new ICMA study
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16 November 2015
AFME and ICMA welcome G20 Infrastructure recommendations

12 November 2015
ICMA Announces Publication of 2015 Universal Resolution Stay Protocol with Securities Financing Transaction Annex

29 September 2015
Growth in the European repo market is stalled according to latest ICMA survey
To view the 29th ICMA European Repo Council European repo market survey, click here.

21 September 2015
ICMA-NAFMII Working Group issues report on practices and procedures in the Chinese and international primary debt capital markets
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2 September 2015
ICMA updates its recommendations and guidelines for issuing bonds

24 June 2015
AFME and ICMA release Guide to infrastructure financing in support of the Investment Plan for Europe

4 June 2015
ICMA members elect new board and new chairman

11 May 2015
ICMA publishes New York governing law model collective action, pari passu and creditor engagement clauses to facilitate future sovereign debt restructuring
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27 March 2015
Revised 2015 Green Bond Principles update standard process for issuance in fast-growing green bond market

24 February 2015
ICMA publishes two studies which highlight the effect of regulation on capital market activity
To view the 28th ICMA European Repo Council European repo market survey, click here.
To view the ICMA Impact Study for CSDR Mandatory Buy-ins, click here.

12 February 2015
Is Japan’s revitalisation real and sustainable? Representatives from the finance industry and the capital markets in Europe and Japan discuss progress and the issues

11 February 2015
Trade bodies launch guide to best practice for EU corporate private placement market
To access the guide, click here.
5 December 2014
Pan-European Private Placement Working Group supports exemption from withholding tax on interest on private placements contained in HM Treasury’s Autumn Statement

25 November 2014
Liquidity in the European secondary bond market: perspectives from the market
ICMA publishes survey on current state and future evolution of the European corporate bond market

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3 November 2014
Eurepo index to be discontinued on 2 January 2015

15 October 2014
ICMA’s European Repo Council reports successful migration of the European bond markets to T+2
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4 September 2014
Latest ICMA survey shows continued robustness in size of the European repo market

29 August 2014
ICMA publishes revised collective action clauses (CACs) and a new standard pari passu clause to facilitate future sovereign debt restructuring
To view the revised CACs and the new standard pari passu clause, click here.

21 August 2014
Progress on transparency in the European Covered Bond market, ICMA report calls for further disclosure of cover pool data
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7 August 2014
Broad support for Green Bond Principles confirmed, as Initial Executive Committee is established

12 June 2014
Trade bodies join forces to promote EU Private Placement market

20 May 2014
Faster settlement for international securities - Migration to T+2 for cash transactions and to T+1 for repo transactions

14 April 2014
Green Bond Principles Governance Established. ICMA appointed Secretariat

3 April 2014
ICMA paper identifies the systemic risks of restricting collateral movement

5 March 2014
ICMA European Repo Council publishes best practice guide for the repo market

22 January 2014
Latest ICMA survey shows sharp decline in size of the European repo market
4 November 2013
International Capital Market Association (ICMA) opens Asia Pacific representative office in Hong Kong

18 September 2013
European repo market recovers as banks return to the market for funding

15 July 2013
European organisations aim to boost triparty repo settlement interoperability by 2015
see also: Speech by Benoît Cœuré, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB at the signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding on Triparty Settlement Interoperability; associated ECB press release; and Pictures at the signing ceremony.

7 May 2013
The systemic importance of collateral and the role of the repo market - ICMA European Repo Council paper highlights the disruptive impact of the proposed FTT on the widespread use of collateral that underpins the modern financial system

10 April 2013
ICMA publishes 2013 legal opinions on global master repo agreement

8 April 2013
ICMA European Repo Council calls for exemption of repo transactions from FTT

11 March 2013
LTRO continues to weigh on European repo market
to view the survey, click here.

20 February 2013
ICMA publishes new legal documentation in support of Russian repo market
Russian version:
ICMA публикует новые документы для правовой поддержки рынка репо в России

14 February 2013
ICMA Executive Education expands management team

5 February 2013
Market gathers to hear how new government policy package will revitalise Japan’s economy
to view the presentations given at the Japan Securities Summit, click here.

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