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Markit iBoxx EUR and GBP Corporates

The Markit iBoxx Corporates Indices represent investment grade fixed-income bonds issued by public or private corporations. The Markit iBoxx Corporates Indices cover senior and subordinated debt and are classified into Financials and Non-Financials. Financials are classified further into four sectors and Non-Financials offer nine sectors, depending on the issuer’s business scope. The Markit iBoxx Corporates Indices are rebalanced monthly after close of business on the last business day of the month.

The iBoxx EUR Financials and EUR Non-Financials comprise approximately 700 and 1300 bonds respectively, while the iBoxx GBP Financials and GBP Non-Financials include around 400 and 300 bonds respectively.

The following graphs depict the evolution of iBoxx price return index levels, defined as rate of return based on price changes of underlying bonds.

Source: Markit iBoxx

Source: Markit iBoxx

The below graphs reflect the evolution of iBoxx Total Return Index levels, defined as rate of return based on price changes of underlying bonds and reinvestment of coupons/redemption payments into the index.

Source: Markit iBoxx

Source: Markit iBoxx


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