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Markit iTraxx CDS indices

Markit iTraxx indices are a family of European, Asian and Emerging Market tradable credit default swap (CDS) indices. The European Markit iTraxx indices trade 3, 5, 7 and 10-year maturities, and a new series is determined on the basis of liquidity every six months in March and September.

The iTraxx 5-year indices are deemed to be the most liquid from a market perspective. The following graphs illustrate the evolution of the composite spread (in bps) of the iTraxx Europe Main, Crossover, Senior Financials and Subordinated Financials indices.

The Markit iTraxx Europe Main index comprises 125 equally-weighted investment grade rated European entities.

Source: Markit iTraxx

The Markit iTraxx Crossover index includes the 75 most liquid sub-investment grade entities.

Source: Markit iTraxx

The Markit iTraxx Europe Senior Financials index is composed of 30 financial entities from the iTraxx Europe index referencing senior debt.

Source: Markit iTraxx

The Markit iTraxx Subordinated Financials index is composed of 30 financial entities from the iTraxx Europe index referencing subordinated debt.

Source: Markit iTraxx


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