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ICMA has some 500 members located in approximately 60 countries worldwide drawn from both the sell and buy-side of the market. It is primarily a pan-European association but with strong links and a number of members outside Europe.

As members of ICMA, firms become part of an international community with access to a pool of expert professional market knowledge and are kept regularly informed of trends and developments in their industry by the Association.

Through members’ representation on ICMA’s various professional committees and working groups, members actively participate in shaping the market’s future. Collectively, ICMA members have a very real voice in the representation of the market that is listened to by regulators and governmental agencies alike. Contacts with members are also made regularly through various ICMA forums such as regional meetings, seminars/events and at ICMA’s Annual General Meeting.

ICMA’s membership consists of full and associate members. Full members are firms who actively deal in securities and include: investment banks and issuers; securities dealers and brokers; regional and commercial banks; private banks; and asset managers.

Associate membership is open to organisations that play an important role in the market and maintain close relations with ICMA, including Central Banks, market infrastructure providers such as exchanges, trading platforms and clearing/settlement institutions as well as legal firms.

This section of the web site includes an overview of the general benefits of membership; and provides details of eligibility for ICMA membership and how to apply to become an ICMA member firm.

This map highlights the countries where ICMA's current member firms are domiciled, colour-coded by ICMA regions. Click on the image to see a large version.


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