ICMA Women's Network

An international network for women in capital markets

IWN provides an impartial and open forum to discuss issues relevant to professional women in the international capital market and gives members the opportunity to build their network and focus on their career progression.

IWN is designed for women at the intermediate stages of their career: the ‘pipeline’ into senior management. It is open to all employees of ICMA member firms around the world, now involving nearly 1000 individuals and growing all the time.

IWN is unique in that it is:
  • Debt capital markets focused
  • Linked to ICMA’s established network of contacts in different countries
  • Open to all members of ICMA (irrespective of gender)
IWN holds networking events throughout the year in the main financial centres of Europe, usually focused around themes related to career development in capital markets.

For more information on how you can access and take advantage of ICMA’s services, please contact ICMAwomensnetwork@icmagroup.org.


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The current composition of the ICMA Women's Network Steering Committee is as follows:
  • Hayley Basterfield, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Regula Berger, Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Kate Craven       
  • Jennifer Cresswell, Allen & Overy LLP       
  • Fiona Kowalyk, Barclays    
  • Reiko Masada, Citigroup Global Markets Limited
  • Nathalie Masset, Euronext Paris SA
  • Camille McKelvey, Trax Markets
  • Delphine Mourot, Morgan Stanley & Co. International PLC         
  • Jacqueline Steven, Bank of America Merrill Lynch




Spring/Summer 2018 event dates coming soon.

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ICMA Women’s Network in partnership with UniCredit Diversity Network: Unconscious bias – how it affects networking & career progression, London, 15 November 2017
Hosted by UniCredit

Unconscious bias training has become a standard feature of workplace diversity programmes, but outside the formal office environment, is our tendency to make snap judgements based on stereotypes affecting the way we network? This event from the ICMA Women’s Network and UniCredit Diversity Network took a practical look at how unconscious bias may be subtly influencing our ability to make and maintain the contacts that we need to help us progress in our careers.

The evening began with an introduction to the theory of unconscious bias and its effect on networking by Louise Weston, Development & Diversity specialist at Pearn Kandola, a business psychology consultancy. Louise is a Chartered Business Psychologist with over 10 years professional experience, who designs and delivers training on a wide range of diversity topics - including unconscious bias - for a range of corporate clients.

A panel of senior capital market professionals then joined Louise to discuss unconscious bias in practice: how to identify it, how to approach it and how to overcome it in order to successfully develop diverse networks to support our career
  • Mandy DeFilippo, Managing Director, COO (EMEA) and Chief Risk Officer (International) of Global Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley and ICMA Board Member
  • Georgiana Lazar, Head of HR Global Markets Business, Head of UK HR, UniCredit
  • Armin Peter, Global Head of Syndicate, UBS Investment Bank and ICMA Board Member
The panel was followed by structured networking.

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ICMA Future Leaders and ICMA Women's Network: Getting to the top, Amsterdam, 9 October 2017
Hosted by the Lioness Women’s Network at ING

The event began with a keynote presentation from Annemarie Jorritsma, Member of the Senate & Party Chairman, VVD. Following this, a panel of inspirational individuals from the international financial services industry discussed their own career paths, the barriers they encountered and what it takes to ‘get to the top’!

They considered a range of career related questions relevant to finance professionals, offering tips along the way on:
  • Who can you rely on to support you at critical times?
  • What risks do you need to take?
  • Handling the challenge of work/life balance – can you pursue family or other interests and run a successful career?
  • Where is the value in mentoring? Or creating your own network?
  • What piece of advice would you offer your younger self?
Following the panel there was an opportunity for structured networking with other market participants from the Netherlands.

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ICMA Women’s Network and EIB Joint Networking Event: Starting out, Luxembourg, 19 September 2017

Hosted by EIB

The ICMA Women’s Network held its first event in Luxembourg, ‘Starting out’, on 19 September 2017.

Jointly organised with the EIB, at this event a panel of inspirational industry figures discussed their career paths, the barriers they encountered and how they have had to adapt to succeed. They considered the advice they would give their younger selves, imparting practical tips along the way for boosting confidence and raising profile.

The panel session was followed by refreshments and structured networking, hosted by senior industry figures and members of the ICMA Women’s Network.

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ICMA Future Leaders and ICMA Women's Network Summer Networking Reception, Zurich, 29 August 2017
Hosted by UBS

ICMA Future Leaders and ICMA Women’s Network jointly organised a Summer Networking Reception entitled 'Why banking is barely about finance'.

The event featured Manuel Gadient, Head of Swiss Debt Capital Markets & Syndicate at UBS Investment Bank, who shared his personal account of do's and dont's, and where in an ever-changing environment, banking professionals need to master much more than just finance to be successful.

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ICMA Women’s Network: Getting noticed – a masterclass in using social media to build your personal brand, London, 22 June 2017
In this masterclass, Howard Kingston shared his expertise in social media, explaining the importance of building a truly representative personal brand, raising personal profile and increasing visibility among colleagues, peers and across the industry. With a background in helping startups grow by improving their digital footprint with effective marketing and social media, Howard demonstrated how to navigate the world of professional social media to maximum effect, imparting practical tips to get started and equipping the audience with the tools to effectively build a personal brand by way of social networking, LinkedIn, blogging and creating content.
Howard is Co-founder & CMO of Adludio, a VC backed adtech company that is on a mission to transform advertising. Prior to this he was Head of Marketing at a startup which he helped launch and grow to 6 million users in under a year. An active member of the UK’s start-up scene, Howard was named in London's 'Silicon 60' by the Evening Standard and Tech City Insider's TCi100. He writes regularly for his blog: www.startupremarkable.com and The Huffington Post, he tweets at @howardvk

This event was hosted by EBRD.

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ICMA Women's Network Dutch Event - Gender diversity and business performance, Utrecht, 21 March 2017

ICMA members were invited to the first Dutch Women's Network event on 21 March 2017.

How does gender diversity improve decision making and business performance? Presented by leading professionals in the financial sector who have broad business experience and aimed at all male and female professionals interested in exchanging views on the diversity topic.

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ICMA Women's Network France – « La négociation au féminin », Paris, 2 February 2017

Cette deuxième édition avais pour thème: « La négociation au féminin ».

La négociation est un art que l’on exerce tous, chaque jour, sans même s’en rendre compte. Et pourtant ! Le seul fait de prendre conscience que l’on est dans une situation de “négociation” peux rendre nerveux et faire perdre ses moyens. Que ce soit dans sa vie privée ou au travail, pour conclure un contrat, convaincre un client ou solliciter une promotion, il est judicieux de connaître les techniques de base de la négociation afin de ne pas être déstabilisé au premier argument contrariant.

Quels sont les arguments qu’une femme va plus facilement mettre en avant ? Quelles sont les qualités ou les sensibilités sur lesquelles les femmes peuvent s’appuyer pour réussir une négociation ? Négocier est-il synonyme de séduire ? Comment les hommes peuvent-ils plus facilement convaincre les femmes et comment les femmes négocient-elles ensembles ?

C’est à ces différentes questions que Vincent François a très aimablement accepté d’apporter des éléments de réponse au cours de cette soirée, et vous donnais quelques conseils pratiques. Vincent François, anciennement négociateur au GIGN (Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) a fondé le cabinet Semio Nego afin de mettre son expertise au service des entreprises, en proposant des formations, du conseil ou du coaching. Il est notamment spécialisé dans la gestion de crise ou de conflit et les situations à risque.

La présentation a été ensuite illustrée par des retours d’expérience sur des négociations vécues avec plus ou moins de succès.

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