About ICMA Education
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One of ICMA’s core objectives is to promote high professional standards for capital market participants through training and education. For over 40 years ICMA has been a reference provider of executive education for debt capital markets.

ICMA courses are designed by industry professionals for industry professionals and supports the association’s mission of promoting resilient, well-functioning and globally coherent cross-border debt securities markets through training and education

Its executive education courses are in partnership with ICMA Centre, Henley Business School, University of Reading. We work together to develop the highest quality of training, delivered by current and former financial markets practitioners.  This approach enables us to blend practical and academic know-how, so that candidates have a thorough understanding of the topics being discussed.

In addition to executive education, ICMA also offers a series of non-certified, non-examined workshops which cover Green Bonds, European Regulation, Bond Syndication, Repo, Collateral Management, the GMRA and the ICMA Primary Market Handbook.

Our courses and workshops attract an international client base and present an opportunity to network with counterparts from a whole host of financial institutions, including regulatory bodies, banks, exchanges and law firms, among others.

Benefits of studying with ICMA Education

  • Over 40 years’ experience of front and back office training, with new programmes driven by the needs of the market
  • Our courses are backed by ICMA's knowledge and expertise in debt capital markets
  • Market-wide recognition and approval
  • Course tutors are leading experts in their fields
  • In-house training can be tailored to each firm's individual needs
  • Highly discounted rates for ICMA Member firms

Methods of study with ICMA Education

At ICMA Education you can choose the study option that best adapts to your needs and lifestyle.

Public courses
We run our most popular courses throughout the year in main European financial centres. Our public courses are a great opportunity to network with peers.

In-house courses
If your company is looking to train a full department in a specific area, the in-house option is the most cost-effective way to receive training that is tailored and relevant. We also offer all of our off-the-shelf courses on an in-house basis.

Online courses
We offer some of our courses online and in 2020 we’re planning on launching two new courses in an online format and will be refreshing our entire digital infrastructure to meet the needs of our delegates, including launching a brand-new learning platform incorporating online assessment, digital certification and fully downloadable course materials.

ICMA Diplomas

You can now achieve an ICMA Diploma by successfully completing the prescribed courses at Foundation and Advanced levels, with two options taken from our Specialist Courses and Workshops suite .
Completing an ICMA Diploma will provide you with up-to-date and practical knowledge that will allow you to advance your career and expand your network of industry peers.
  • ICMA Diploma in Primary Markets (coming soon)
  • ICMA Diploma in Securities and Derivatives
  • ICMA Diploma in Financial Markets Operations
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