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Hedge funds

European Commission hedge funds’ consultation

In December 2008, the European Commission launched a wide-ranging public consultation on policy issues arising from the activities of the hedge fund industry, in view of developing appropriate regulatory initiative. A significant part of global hedge fund assets are managed and administered in Europe. The aim of this consultation was to make an important contribution to European and international reflections on whether the approach to the regulation and supervision of hedge funds should be reassessed in light of the financial crisis. The results of the consultation were discussed at a high-level conference in Brussels in late February 2009, and serve as the basis for European input into the parallel reflections on hedge funds at international level by the G20.

This consultation was part of the Commission's comprehensive review of regulatory and supervisory arrangements for all financial market actors in the European Union, which was finalised in 2009 upon consideration of the report of the High Level Expert Group chaired by Jacques de Larosière.

The AMIC response to this consultation can be found here.

The European Commission information and documents regarding this consultation, including contrubutions and a feedback statement can be found on their website here.