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Background – Since its launch in 1985 (as the “IPMA Handbook”), the Handbook has grown from a few short pages to a comprehensive document, continuously responding to market developments when guidance or harmonisation is required. Oversight of the Handbook rests with the ICMA Executive Committee, acting on the advice of the ICMA Primary Market Practices Committee and/or the ICMA Legal and Documentation Committee.

Content / scope – The Handbook comprises ICMA Recommendations, guidance and standard language and documentation, generally relating to offers of syndicated international bonds in the primary market, to programmes under which such offers may be made and to euro-commercial paper programmes and trades made under them. The full scope of the Handbook is set out in its Chapter 1 - Scope (publically available), with further background information set out in Appendix B1 - Reader’s Guide (publically available). An overview of the content of the Handbook can be obtained from its Table of Contents (publically available).

Brexit - Various aspects of the ICMA Primary Market Handbook are being revised in the light of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union. See further the ICMA Primary Market Handbook – Amendments/archive webpage. See also Brexit related FAQs on primary markets (log-in details required).

Amendments / archive

The ICMA Primary Market Handbook – Amendments/archive webpage sets out (i) the most recent amendments, (ii) notes of any pending amendments not noted in the Handbook itself and (iii) selected archived inserts and ‘snapshots’ relating to past editions of the Handbook. All Handbook amendments are notified to each ICMA member’s principal delegate by a formal ICMA circular to members (log-in details required).

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The Handbook exists in loose-leaf hardcopy and online softcopy versions. An advantage of the online version is that it is updated in real time. Updates to the hardcopy version are distributed individually, to current ‘hardcopy update service’ subscribers, initially by e-mail at the time the online version is updated and then with hardcopy inserts following subsequently by post on an irregular basis (once sufficient updates have been aggregated to enable a print-run). The onus is therefore on hardcopy holders to ensure that their hardcopies are correctly updated.

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