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All European banks dealing in repo are invited to participate in ICMA's 35th survey of the European repo market. Launched in September 2001, the surveys have established the most authoritative picture to date of the size of the repo market in Europe. The survey has continued to give an accurate picture of how the European repo market has responded to turbulent market conditions in the last few years.

The survey was originally commissioned at the request of the ICMA European Repo and Collateral Council, a body set up within ICMA's structure to promote and represent members active in Europe's repo markets.

Copies of the surveys - conducted on ICMA's behalf by the ICMA Centre at The University of Reading in the UK - are available here.

This survey will provide a 'snapshot' of repo business at close of business on Wednesday, 6 June 2018.

For any queries relating to the survey please e-mail reposurvey@icmagroup.org

Guidance notes and forms for ICMA ERCC repo market survey number 35, 6 June 2018