January 2024
ICMA co-signs joint trade association response to BCBS consultation on banks' disclosure of crypto-asset exposures

November 2023
ICMA published considerations for risk factors and disclosure in DLT bond documentation

August 2023
ICMA responds to HM Treasury's consultation on a UK Digital Securities Sandbox

July 2023
ICMA identifies 58 solutions for electronic trading in fixed income markets

March 2023
Digital evolution in debt issuance - ICMA primary markets technology directory review
ICMA releases Bond Data Taxonomy

February 2023
FINOS Launches Common Domain Model Project in Partnership with ISDA, ISLA and ICMA for Standardizing Financial Products and Worksflows

September 2022
ICMA co-signs joint trade association response to BCBS second consultation on the prudential treatment of crypto-assets exposures

June 2022
ICMA's response to the ECB questionnaire on financial market stakeholders’ potential interest in the Eurosystem providing EUR central bank money settlement of wholesale transactions in the payments, securities settlement and collateral management domains using new technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

April 2022
Common data dictionary for primary bond markets, Q2 2022

March 2022
ICMA response to ESMA Call for Evidence on a DLT Pilot Regime

January 2022
ICMA briefing note: Electronic Trading Directory review & ETC member feedback, Q1 2022
Common Domain Model for repo and bonds: ERCC survey results and next steps
Common Domain Model: a bond market perspective

October 2021
ICMA Brief: Operations FinTech Directory Review & ERCC Member Feedback, Q3 2021
Digital representation of transactions: CDM for repo and bonds

August 2021
FinTech regulatory developments in the second quarter
ICMA, ISDA and ISLA sign MoU on the Common Domain Model, laying the foundations for a digital future for financial markets

July 2021
ICMA response, regarding bearer bonds, to UK Law Commission consultation paper Digital assets: electronic trade documents

April 2021
FinTech and sustainable finance library
Updates to DLT regulatory directory
ICMA FinTech Advisory Committee
FinTech regulatory developments in the first quarter
ICMA Common Domain Model for repo and bonds

January 2021
FinTech and sustainable bond markets
Digital bonds and the fixed income lifecycle
ICMA FinTech Advisory Committee
FinTech regulatory developments in the fourth quarter
CDM for repos and bonds
ICMA FinTech Forum 2020
The Philippines: mobile app for retail investors

October 2020
FinTech regulatory developments in the third quarter
ICMA FinTech Advisory Committee
CDM for repos and bonds
DLT regulatory directory

July 2020
FinTech regulatory developments in the second quarter
ICMA FinTech Advisory Committee
CDM for repos and bonds
Updates to DLT regulatory directory

June 2020
ICMA response to European Commission Consultation on a new digital finance strategy for Europe / FinTech Action Plan
ICMA Podcast: Electronic trading, performance during the crisis and future developments

May 2020
ICMA Podcast: FinTech, technology risks and the COVID-19 crisis
ICMA Podcast: Electronic signings - an English law perspective in the time of COVID-19

April 2020
FinTech regulatory developments Q2 2020
CDM repo workshops
ICMA FinTech Advisory Committee
ICMA FinTech webinar on the developments in the debt capital markets and potential implications for Asia-Pacific. Access the recording here and the presentation here.
ICMA Podcast: The impact of COVID-19 on the Chinese capital market and digital economy

March 2020
ICMA response to EC consultation on an EU framework for markets in crypto-assets (security tokens)

January 2020
FinTech regulatory developments Q1 2020
DLT-related legislation and regulatory frameworks

October 2019
FinTech regulatory developments Q4 2019

July 2019
Big Data in securities markets
FinTech regulatory developments Q3 2019

April 2019
FinTech regulatory developments Q2 2019
Where is my blockchain bond?

January 2019
FinTech regulatory developments Q1 2019

October 2018
FinTech regulatory developments Q4 2018

September 2018
Regulatory approaches to Fintech and innovation in capital markets

July 2018
Electronification in primary bond markets
FinTech regulatory developments Q3 2018

April 2018
ICMA’s engagement on FinTech and market electronification
FinTech regulatory developments Q2 2018

October 2017
Market electronification and FinTech

July 2017
ICMA’s engagement on market electronification and FinTech
FinTech: Government bonds in Kenya

April 2017
FinTech, DLT and Regulation

January 2017
Bond trading market structure and the buy side

April 2016
Evolutionary change: The future of electronic trading of cash bonds in Europe

October 2015
An introductory Q&A on blockchain technology

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