Date: 25 April 2024


The ERCC was established in 1999 and is today firmly established as the main representative body for the cross-border repo and collateral market in Europe. It has also played a crucial role in the development of the repo market globally. The ERCC is a perfect example of how industry participants can come together and collaborate for the benefit of the overall market.

To commemorate its 25th year, an anniversary dinner took place at Plaisterer’s Hall on April 25 to reflect on past and future challenges, to celebrate the progress made and the achievements of the ERCC but most of all to thank the numerous individuals who are and have been involved, who have contributed and continue to contribute to the ERCC’s success and the growth of the global repo markets.

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08:30   Registration opens, breakfast & networking
09:30   Welcome remarks
Andrew Dyson, Chief Executive Officer, ISLA
09:40   Opening keynote address
Aman Thind, Global Chief Architect, State Street
10:00   Streamlining Contract Management: The Benefits of Using the CDM to Transition from Paper to Digital Contracts
The legal industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards digitalization. The transition from hard copy to digital documentation offers numerous advantages, including more accessibility and enhanced negotiation, improved data security and privacy, and the potential to leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

In this panel we will be demonstrating how to transform your paper-based documents into CDM formatted digital representations, allowing the legal terms that govern a trade to be attached to it, thus facilitating automation of lifecycle events.
  • Tam Nguyen, Client Solutions Manager, SmartDX
  • Imogen Philp, Product Director, Likezero
  • Chris Rayner, Senior Associate – Market Infrastructure & Technology, ISLA
10:45   Networking Refreshment Break
11:15   Standardised Eligible Collateral Schedules - Expansion & Implementation
Collateral management is a data driven process, crossing multiple areas within firms and types of products. Using the CDMS’s standardised data for collateral representation, firms can streamline operational processes that result in improved counterparty risk management and collateral optimisation.

CDM-Collateral working group members will showcase how they have contributed to the advancement, growth and development of the CDM and demonstrate the benefits that their firm or clients will realize.

FIA-Tech will demo: Expanding eligible collateral representation to ETD and Cleared collateral schedules, reducing manual maintenance of CPPs’ collateral schedules.
  • Vernon Alden-Smith, Director, Collateral Initiatives, ISDA
  • Justin Hasnat, Director, Databank Operations, FIA Tech
  • Lionel Smith-Gordon, Senior Consultant, REGnosys
  • Malwina Wasowska-Azemi, Senior Business Analyst, CloudMargin
12:00   Fireside Chat: How to Build CDM-Based Applications for Repo Trading & Post-Trade
Shortening settlement cycles, automating operationally cumbersome post-trade processes, forthcoming reporting requirements in the US for bilateral repos, as well as issuance and trading of tokenised securities will inevitably lead to further digitisation and automation across capital markets. We will discuss how to get started with the CDM, drawing on lessons from hackathons and integration projects, to lower implementation costs, avoid fragmentation and accelerate the development of new services.

Moderator: Gabriel Callsen, Senior Director, FinTech & Digitalisation, ICMA
  • Lee Braine, Managing Director, Chief Technology Office, Barclays
  • Nicholas Hamilton, Executive Director, Digital & Platform Services, J.P. Morgan
12:45   Networking Lunch
14:00   Afternoon Remarks
Scott O’Malia, Chief Executive Officer, ISDA
14:15   CDM Demo for Repos
We will showcase in a live demo how to leverage the CDM and implement best practices for repo post-trade processes and facilitate implementation of industry priorities.

Tom Healey, Financial Services Consultant, ICMA
14:45   Digital Regulatory Reporting - Global Expansion
Fifteen months after DRR was used to support reporting to the CFTC, the compliance dates for updated rules for EU EMIR and JFSA are imminent and UK EMIR, ASIC and MAS by the end of 2024. TradeHeader and REGnosys will highlight the updates made in the past year to expand DRR to these jurisdictions, with a demonstration from ingestion of transactions using CDM through to full regulatory reports and submission into ISO20022 format. The presentation will also demonstrate how the DRR’s functional logic can be transparently traced back to the collaborative interpretation work carried-out by the ISDA WG.
  • Marc Gratacos, Managing Partner, TradeHeader
  • Leo Labeis, Founder & CEO, REGnosys
15:15   Networking Refreshment Break
15:45   Application of the CDM in Trading
Over the last 18 months the ISLA CDM Trading Working Group have been enhancing the CDM to improve pre- and post- trade processes, contributing structures to the model that standardise the formats used by lenders and borrowers for their daily trading needs.

In this panel, members of the working group will discuss the benefits of getting the trade “right at the start”, and how the standardisation of data and processes provided by the CDM can ultimately reduce costs and increase automation of manual tasks.

Moderator: Tim Fox, Sharegain
  • Duncan Carpenter, Director of Product Management, Pirum
  • Mike Lambert, Product Director for Securities Lending, Broadridge Financial Solutions
  • Matthew Phillips, COO & Head of Delivery, Trading Apps Ltd
16:15   Reflections & What Next?
The associations will summarise the day's sessions, looking back over the work that has taken place over the past year, and look towards what can be expected in 2024 and beyond.
  • Gabriel Callsen, Senior Director, FinTech & Digitalisation, ICMA
  • Adrian Dale, Head of Regulation & Markets, ISLA
  • Jane Gavronsky, Chief Operating Officer, Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS)
  • David Shone, Director of Product, Data & Digital, ISDA
16:45   Closing Remarks
Gabriel Callsen, Senior Director, FinTech & Digitalisation, ICMA
17:00   Closing Drinks Reception
18:30   Event close
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