Advisory Council


This new structure is designed to advise the Executive Committee, to increase its market awareness and outreach, and to enable further engagement with specific membership categories and observers.

The Advisory Council Terms of Reference were released in June 2019 during the GBP SBP Annual General Meeting.

How to apply

All Members and Observers of the GBP SBP are eligible to apply (with the exception of Members of the Executive Committee).

The selection for the Advisory Council membership will be made by the Executive Committee based on the information provided in the Candidacy Form and on criteria such as:
  • Geographic diversity and balance;
  • Representation of the Observer community, including key market stakeholders such as exchanges, service providers/rating agencies, external reviewers, sustainable finance research institutions, and law firms, as well as civil society;
  • Market share and activity of green, social and sustainability bond issuers, investors or intermediaries not already represented on the Executive Committee;
  • Key expertise brought to the group and key topics that you wish to be engaged in.
Interested Members and Observers should fill in the Candidacy Form and send it to the Secretariat by 26 August 2019 COB to Please note that candidacy forms will be treated in confidence.

The announcement of the composition of the 2019/2020 Advisory Council will be disclosed by the GBP SBP Executive Committee mid-September 2019. Non selected organisations will be informed individually and confidentially.