Impact Reporting


Green Bond impact reporting:

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I. Handbook - Harmonized Framework

The Handbook – Harmonized Framework, published in June 2019, merges the “Proposal for a harmonized framework for impact reporting” published in December 2015 by 11 IFIs with all subsequent guidance documents developed by the Impact Reporting WG under the GBP.

II. Green Sector specific documents

III. Position Paper – Nordic public sector green bond issuers

The Position Paper on Green Bonds Impact Reporting, originally launched in October 2017 by a group of ten Nordic public sector issuers, has been published in an updated version, dated January 2019. Featuring new recommendations regarding the reporting of climate-related physical risk and the Sustainable Development Goals, the paper aims to contribute to harmonising green bond reporting practices.

Social Bond impact reporting:

Working Towards a Harmonized Framework for Impact Reporting Social Bonds (2019)

This document summarizes the conclusions of the Social Bond Principles Sub-Working Group on impact reporting and aims to catalyse a broader discussion among issuers and investors. It outlines a framework for reporting on projects to which Social Bond proceeds have been allocated, including core principles and recommendations for issuers as they develop their own reporting. The document also provides a reporting template covering quantitative and qualitative information that issuers can adapt to their own circumstances.

The 2019 version includes small edits to Principle 6 and Recommendation C, as well as the addition of ‘Recommendation D – Share of Financing and Reporting’. Revisions were also made throughout to finetune the language and better clarify the nature of output, outcome, and impact indicators.

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