Green, Social and Sustainability bonds database

ICMA has been tracking the green, social and sustainability bonds issued since 2016.

This database lists the issuers who have publicly disclosed their external review reports, or who have completed the relevant templates or forms, in accordance with the recommendations of the Principles.

For information related to the financial features of the issuance or to the impact reports, it is recommended to consult the website of the issuer (relevant link provided for each issuer listed here) or any of the databases referenced here.

This database faithfully reproduces the category (Green, Social or Sustainability) determined by the issuer without requalification.

Please note that this database is not updated "in real time" but on a regular basis, depending on the information transmitted or collected.

Issuers and external review providers are encouraged to verify that the references, including website links, are up-to-date.

Click here if you prefer to browse the database in excel format.